Can It Get Any Worse For The RIAA?

It seems that every week, another story regarding the gross stupidity of the RIAA comes out and this week is no exception.

According to, the industry suffered the worse week of record sales since 1991.

Coming on the heels of the NARM conference’s news that only 2.1 percent of albums released last year topped the 5,000 units sold marker, last week saw the worst week in record sales since Nielsen SoundScan started doing the tracking back in 1991.

In light of such news, the recording industry desk jockeys want you to believe that these pathetic numbers are strictly the fault of the so-called “pirates” as well as iTunes and other similar sites that sell music by the song; usually for less than a dollar a pop, and has absolutely nothing to do with the industry’s abject refusal to embrace the internet and it’s myriad distribution possibilities. Couple that with the recent battle between the band OK Go and their record company, who felt that it was their (the record company) decision alone as to how the band distributed their own music and through what platform. Needless to say, OK Go immediately severed all ties with said record company and started their own.

It appears that more and more musicians are choosing to do the same: opt out of contract renegotiations and take over full control of all business related issues concerning their own musical output. Makes one wonder just how long before the record company as we know it becomes extinct.

In my opinion, it can’t happen too soon.

“and the recording industry still can’t figure out why they’re going bankrupt…”

Via The Music Industry Report


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