New Album From Jason & The Scorchers

Back in the mid-80’s, a good friend turned me onto one Hell of a band in Jason & The Scorchers. I was blown away by their high-energy attack and musicianship and it was my very first foray into the genre of “cow-punk” or whichever name you wish to attach to their music.

And now, some 14 years after they drifted off the music radar, they’re back with a brand new album, titled Halcyon Times.


Flash forward some twenty-four years, and the Scorchers are still standing in spite of recording industry hijinx that have threatened to kill the band more than once. With the release of the independently produced Halcyon Times, the band’s first studio album in 14 years, Jason & the Scorchers are proving that they’re every bit as reckless as the young rebels that released the Reckless Country Soul and Fervor EPs a quarter-century earlier. A lot has changed since 1996, however, so why come back with a new album now?

My review will follow shortly…


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