Rare Metallica Demo Released

According to The Metal Den, what is thought to be the earliest demo ever recorded by the Bay-area thrash-meisters, Metallica, was recently unearthed.

The tune, recorded in 1982 in guitarist James Hetfield’s garage and entitled Sucking My Love, is yet another song from one of Metallica’s favorite and influential “NWOBHM” (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) bands Diamond Head, often mentioned as being a huge influence on them in many of the bands interviews.

No one knew this recording even existed, since original bassist Ron McGovney had the only copy of this garage practice session (this tape was too crude even be labeled a demo!). The tape features the Diamond Head covers “Sucking My Love,” “Helpless” and “Am I Evil” (the latter two which Metallica later re-recorded and released commercially), and their very first original tune, “Hit the Lights.” Recorded in Ron’s garage in March of ‘82 (two months after the band was formed) by suspending a $49.00 ghetto blaster in the air, and with James singing through the guitar amp, this is surprisingly a great recording for using such primitive means!

— Bob Nalbandian, Metallica Historian

This would be the second such ‘rare demo’ released from Metallica. In 2002 and in honor of their 20th anniversary, Metal Blade Records released a box set of rare and unreleased demos from many of the labels roster of bands, with Metallica contributing the skull-pounderHit The Lights, which was released but only on the labels vinyl version of Kill ‘Em All but has never been released in compact disc form.


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